Urbano feat Destinee – Jugoso (Juicy)

Urbano aka UB of The Urban Union, remixes the classic rap song “Juicy” by the legendary Notorious BIG. A brave attempt, but UB delivers a new classic “Jugoso” by flipping it to Spanish; paying tribute to “Juicy” while honoring its original flow and premise. Keeping true to the entirety of the structure; Rap artist/singer Destinee effortlessly replicates the sound of Total on the hook. Enjoy!

  1. Yo Yo

    Ya tengo el mixtape de DJ Mega Mix “Urbano Trap Mix” y también está en pingado. Tienen que poner a Jugoso en el volumen 2 como la primera !!!!!

  2. Mauricio Bravo

    Ubee ever since I heard the way you mix you became my DJ, always bringing out the best music around. There was never a doubt to see if I would like the next tape cause each one was better. Congratulations and continue rapping cause the lyrics on this track bring back memories and you keep flowing with rhythm & style.

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